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What Happens If You Refuse a Field Sobriety Test in Utah?

Field sobriety tests are a common part of DUI stops. There are many reasons why a driver would not want to participate in these tests. So, what happens if you don’t?

What Are Field Sobriety Tests?

There are numerous types of field sobriety tests, all with the overarching goal of evaluating a driver’s sobriety based on their ability to perform specific physical tasks. For example, one task involves balancing on one foot for an extended period of time. Failure to do so up to the officer’s standards can result in the driver failing the field sobriety test.

However, field sobriety tests are also known for being unreliable. If you read the above section and thought to yourself, ‘I couldn’t stay perfectly balanced on one foot during a traffic stop!’ You’re not alone. Many drivers cannot perform the tasks involved in field sobriety tests even if they are sober.

Penalties for Refusing Field Sobriety Tests

As many drivers know, refusing to take chemical tests can result in a mandatory driver’s license suspension. Are there also penalties for refusing field sobriety tests?

No, there is no penalty for refusing to take field sobriety tests. Your license will not be suspended if you refuse to take field sobriety tests. You will not be automatically arrested for refusing to take field sobriety tests.

In fact, refusing field sobriety tests is encouraged. This is the best way to ensure that anything you do during the tests won’t be used against you – because there will have been no tests!

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