Police tape and police cars

Expect Increased Police Presence During Halloween

Halloween is a spooky celebration for people of all ages, but you should know that you’re more likely to see the police this holiday season. A Traveler's risk-control insurer found that, on average, 17% more crime-related claims take place on Halloween when compared to a typical day. Therefore, while kids go door-to-door looking for treats, cops are out looking for tricks.

Increased Police Presence Expected

Due to the increase of reported crimes on Halloween, it’s likely more officers will be on duty when compared to your average night.

When cruising the streets, cops look for several common Halloween-related crimes including:

  • Burglary (as parents are out with their kids looking for candy);
  • Driving under the influence (as people go to or return home from Halloween parties);
  • Disturbing the peace (parties and the like);
  • Public intoxication; and
  • Vandalism (usually teenagers taking advantage of the festivities).

While getting arrested for any of the crimes mentioned above is spooky, Lokken & Putnam may be able to help you escape a fright-filled nightmare: a criminal conviction.

If You’re Accused, Lokken & Putnam Can Help

If you or a loved one is arrested on Halloween night, our firm is ready to fight for your rights. Regardless of the criminal accusations levied against you, Lokken & Putnam is ready to defend your innocence.

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