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Divorce & Mental Health

This blog post is not meant to encourage or discourage people from getting divorced, but was created to inform potential divorcees about the mental health impacts of divorce. As nearly 50% of all marriages will end in divorce, it’s wise to identify how divorces will typically impact the mental health of those going through the process.

Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale is a psychological tool used to estimate how certain life events will trigger stress in an individual. The research found that the top stress point was the death of a spouse, but the second-highest stress point was going through a divorce.

Therefore, divorces are clinically known to cause stress among divorcees. Unfortunately, this added stress could lead to a mental breakdown or other mental health problems.

Gender-Specific Mental Health Problems

Divorce is associated with a substantially increased risk of developing mental health disorders in both men and women. However, while both sexes are at risk of developing mental health issues, women are more likely to struggle with substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) disorders while men are more likely to struggle with depressive (depression and suicidal ideation) disorders.

Ways to Prevent Divorce-Related Mental Health Issues

Although a divorce may increase a divorcee’s chance of developing a mental health issue, it is possible to mitigate the risk.

Ways to prevent divorce-related mental health issues include:

  • Going to therapy;
  • Joining a support group;
  • Learning a new hobby;
  • Hiring an experienced and caring family law attorney.

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