Can I Date While I’m in the Middle of a Divorce?

Divorce can be an emotionally overwhelming and lonely experience, which is why it is not uncommon for a divorcing spouse to start dating again. Although feeling loved and wanted again may make the divorce process more bearable and make you more excited about the future, dating during a divorce can also have several negative repercussions that can affect the final agreement.

The following are several reasons why you should wait until your divorce is over to date:

  • Dating may lead to a long and messy divorce – While you may find comfort in someone else, a new relationship could make your spouse jealous and irate. He/she may seek revenge by dragging out the divorce process and being uncooperative, increasing both the cost and stress of litigation.
  • Dating may take precious time away from your children – Going through a divorce may be difficult for both spouses, but it is especially hard on the kids. During this transition into a new life can be mentally and emotionally challenging for your children, which is why they need as much attention and love from you as possible. However, spending time with a new lover takes time away from your kids who desperately need your guidance. Additionally, spending more with a new partner and less time with your children may result in your spouse getting full custody.
  • Dating may affect property division – Whether you are spending a lot of money on dates, gifts, and even vacations with a new partner or living with him/her, the money you spend could be considered marital property and factored into property division. Your spouse could use your spending against you in court and receive a more favorable settlement.
  • Dating may leave your new partner open to scrutiny – Dating during divorce can put your new partner in the middle of the proceedings, which can have a negative impact on your new relationship. For example, if your new partner has frequent contact with your kids, he/she could become subject to a custody investigation.
  • Dating may distract you from dealing with your emotions – While dating can make you forget about the pain, you still need to properly deal with your emotions in a healthy manner—or else you are bound to repeat the same mistakes that you made in your marriage. If the new relationship ends, you may find yourself more hurt than ever before. Once the divorce is over, you must let yourself face your emotions and take time to truly heal.

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