Social Media Mistakes Men Should Avoid During Divorce

Social Media Mistakes Men Should Avoid During Divorce

Your wife will likely use anything she can in your divorce case to make things go in her favor. Therefore, you need to be very careful of what you do and say to avoid getting yourself into trouble. One area you need to be extra cautious with is social media.

You may want to use social media as a way to gain support or advice during this difficult time. However, even seemingly innocent posts and communication can work against you, so avoid these common mistakes.

Posting about children

Social media is notorious for misinterpretations, and the last thing you want in your divorce case is for your wife’s lawyer to take a post about your kids out of context to show you in a negative light. For example, a photo of you with your children on a fun trip can become evidence in an accusation that you are trying to bribe your children into wanting to stay with you or prove to everyone that you are the better, more loving parent.

Thinking posts are private

Privacy online does not really exist. Posts that may be private on your account can reach a wider audience if a friend shares them. Things you delete can be recovered by tech personnel or may still be easily available on someone else’s profile if the person shared it. Also, beware of new friend/follow requests from people you do not know.

Sharing too much about personal life

This is not the time to be showing off your new love interest or new car or to be pouring out your deepest hurts and desires. Wait until your divorce is final before sharing life changes, and vent to a marital therapist instead of to your social media following. The one person you should not keep secrets from, however, is your lawyer. Divulging all information can help your attorney prepare a defense against¬†whatever your wife’s legal team may throw at you.

  • She knows how things are going to play out ahead of time.

    “She knows how things are going to play out ahead of time, and lets you know right up front.”

    - Former Client
  • She cares about the child/children and what is best for them.

    “She is very knowledgeable, down to earth, and honest”

    - Former Client

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