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Women’s Rights In Utah Divorce Court

When you're going through a legal separation or divorce, it's essential to work with an attorney. Your ex-partner will have legal representation, and having your own helps you protect your rights. At Lokken & Putnam, P.C., we represent women in Utah divorce courts, and we're available to consult on your case.

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We Defend Mothers' Rights During a Divorce

Your future matters. Our attorneys defend the rights of mothers in Utah throughout a separation or divorce case. No matter what the reason behind your divorce, we aim to help secure your financial future as well as your rights to parent your children. We have experience representing mothers with custody, spousal support, protective orders, child support, asset division, and more. Even if you have a DUI or criminal penalties in your history, we're here to assist you in divorce court.

Methods of Defense for Women Going Through Separation or Divorce

Utah is a no-fault divorce state. Either you or your ex can file for divorce in Utah. No matter which party files the case for legal separation or divorce, it's important to have legal representation every step of the way. We use many methods of defense for mothers going through a separation or divorce in Utah.

Irreconcilable Differences

You don't have to state any reason for a divorce in Utah. However, if you're seeking support or other benefits as an outcome of your divorce, your case might have a more promising outcome if you can demonstrate to the court why you're ending the marriage. A common defense method for Utah divorces is irreconcilable differences. This means that you and your spouse no longer get along. You can't overcome these differences. Those differences might be around maintaining your household, parenting your children, how you spend your time, or any other issue.


Infidelity is another common defense method in a divorce case. If you or your spouse had an emotional or physical affair, pornography addiction, or another type of sexual issue in your marriage, this is grounds for a divorce.

Abuse or Neglect

Women often cite abuse or neglect as a defense method for a divorce. If your spouse physically or emotionally abused you, it's within your rights to file for a divorce. This is also true if your spouse abused your child or pet.

Other Defense Methods

You may consider some other defense topics for a divorce. Abandonment, drug addiction or alcoholism, cruelty or imprisonment are some defense methods Utah women have used in divorce cases.

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