Understanding Representation For Veterans And Service Members

Veterans and active duty members sometimes face stigmas in the courtroom that make it harder for them to attain legal success. At Lokken & Associates, P.C., we are well aware of the challenges that our active duty member and veteran clients face and we work to accommodate their needs in the courtroom and within our office. We give clients a timeline of their case, clear instructions for needed responses and comprehensive legal advice about their situation. Our law firm represents clients in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and across the state of Utah.

Help For Military Members Facing Family Law Disputes And Criminal Charges

We protect the parental rights of those serving in our military as well as veterans of the military. Family law cases for active service members often have a layer of complexity that many attorneys are not equipped to manage.

Our lawyers can help active service member and veterans with many family law cases, including:

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers For Nonmilitary Crimes

Military members charged with a crime in their civilian lives need understanding legal counsel who can guide them through the criminal justice process. Our attorneys defend the rights of veterans and active duty service members charged with a crime in federal and civil courts. We are comprehensive lawyers who will be by your side throughout your case.

We defend clients facing many types of criminal charges, including:

We Understand PTSD And Traumatic Brain Injuries

Some veterans suffer from PTSD and may have sustained a traumatic brain injury during their service. Our attorneys can help the courts and judges understand how this condition affects veterans.

We work with our military clients to accommodate their unique needs. If you feel uncomfortable in public places or in front of other people, we will help you through the legal process and in the courtroom.

Speak To A Compassionate Attorney Without Any Fees

You can talk to an attorney and gets answers to your questions in a free consultation. We also offer limited scope representation so you can control your costs by deciding the services you need. Our attorneys may also be able to offer a military discount for some cases.

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