Legal Help With Every Step Of A Protective Order

People who are facing abuse, stalking, threats or other dangerous conditions need legal help to protect themselves and their families. At Lokken & Associates, we help parents and individuals file protective orders and civil stalking injunctions against abusive people. Our seasoned family law attorneys also protect the rights of those who have had a restraining order filed against them.

We are happy to guide clients throughout the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and Utah through the filing process. By calling 801-924-9211 you can discuss your case with an attorney who can direct you to free filing resources.

Help With Protective Orders And Civil Stalking Injunctions

Civil stalking injunctions and protective orders are tools that let people protect themselves from abusive or dangerous individuals. You can file a civil stalking injunction against a nonfamily member or a person who does not live with you. Protective orders can be filed against family members, spouses, people who have lived together and people who did live together.

A person can file a protective order or civil stalking injunction if they are:

  • Threatened or afraid they will be harmed

  • Injured or hurt
  • Being monitored, observed, photographed or followed
  • Having their property or home interfered with
  • Left a physical message or object at their home or workplace
  • Contacted via a computer, the internet or any other electronic means

Both protective orders and civil stalking injunctions order a respondent to not harm the filer and to stay away from their home, workplace, vehicle and school. The respondent will also not be able to contact the filer or approach them.

If a respondent does not honor a protective order or civil stalking injunction they can face severe fines and even jail time. These orders may also give the filer temporary child custody, parent time and child support for children shared between both parties and spousal support for married couples.

We Can Guide You Through The Process

Our attorneys can help people file the proper paperwork for protective order and civil stalking injunctions at their county courts. After filing, a judge may order a temporary protective order or injunction followed by a hearing in 15 to 20 days.

We can represent both people filing an order or facing a restraining order in the hearing and work to get them the best possible outcome. Our attorneys understand the effective strategies used by both sides of the courtroom and can build a compelling case based on the facts.

Let Our Lawyers Manage Your Case

We are compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys who will manage the stress of your case while you focus on moving forward. We will work to get you out of a bad situation and can help people file for divorce if they are in an abusive relationship.

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