We Safeguard Your Ability To Hunt And Fish

Hunters and those charged with a wildlife crime may not realize that they broke the law until law enforcement approached them. There are many actions which qualify as hunting and wildlife crimes, and people often dig themselves into more trouble by talking to the police or a ranger without an attorney. A hunting crime is not a small legal infraction and it can lead to expensive fines, loss of hunting rights and possible jail time.

At Lokken & Associates, P.C., our Salt Lake City office represents people in Utah charged with a hunting crime and defends their rights in negotiations and in the courtroom. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers will fight to let you maintain your hunting rights and work to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

We represent clients charged with poaching, hunting and wildlife crimes in state and federal court, including:

  • Hunting or fishing without a license
  • Guiding hunting tours without an outfitter license
  • Hunting protected wildlife out of season
  • Recklessly destroying protected wildlife or abandoning a carcass
  • Trespassing and taking protected wildlife
  • Interfering with or disrupting a legal hunt

The Consequences Of Hunting And Wildlife Crimes

Some hunting crimes can qualify as a third-degree felony and can carry jail time and thousands of dollars in fees. A hunting crime conviction may cause you to not only lose your ability to hunt in Utah but also in the majority of U.S. states because of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

The law calculates the fines for illegally hunted animals on a per-animal basis. This means that if you hunted several protected animals your fines can add up to thousands of dollars.

We Can Defend Your Hunting Rights

Our attorneys are assertive defenders of our clients' rights and skilled courtroom defenders. We empower our clients with the knowledge to understand the law and make decisions about their case. Our attorneys can answer your questions in a free consultation and give you valuable information about your case.

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