Protect Your Ability To Drive After A DUI

If you are arrested for a DUI in Utah, you will lose your license and have it replaced with a citation that serves as a temporary license for 29 days. You may be able to get back your license in an administrative process hearing.

At Lokken & Associates, P.C., we guide people in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and across Utah through their administrative process hearings and protect their right to drive. Our seasoned criminal defense lawyers have over 25 years of combined legal experience and a commitment to defending our clients' rights. We can guide you through the entire DUI process and work to reduce your charges.

What Is The Administrative Process?

The administrative process hearing precedes a criminal hearing for a DUI. The Utah Driver License Division conducts these hearings and an employee will decide if a person charged with a DUI can keep their license. The employee will weigh the evidence collected by a police officer and determine if there was a reasonable chance of intoxication at the time of arrest. Because of the subjective nature of these hearings a knowledgeable attorney can help you make your case.

There Are Strict Timelines, So Talk To Our Lawyers Now

People arrested for a DUI have a 10-day time limit to request an administrative hearing. If you miss this deadline, you will most likely lose your ability to drive for an extended period.

Call our law firm immediately after a DUI arrest. We can file the correct paperwork to get your hearing scheduled and start building your criminal defense. There is no such thing as a "small" DUI charge and a conviction can carry heavy fines, an expensive ignition interlock system and the loss of your license. The administrative process hearing is your first chance to defend yourself, and getting back your license can only help your case.

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