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Working through the criminal justice system is a difficult ordeal and an experienced attorney with a thorough understanding of the law can make the difference in your case. At Lokken & Associates, P.C., we educate our clients on the nuances of criminal law and defend their rights throughout the process. Our Salt Lake City law firm can help you make sense of the criminal justice process and get you the best possible outcome for your criminal charges.

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We treat our clients like people and work to establish a personal relationship between attorney and client. While we are professional and experienced lawyers, we make ourselves available to clients so they can talk to us on their time. We will manage the details and stress of your case so you can move past your criminal charges and focus on your life.

We represent clients facing criminal charges in state and federal courts, including those involving:

Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Nevada, we have seen many people illegally bringing drugs back into Utah. Drug possession and trafficking charges can have serious consequences for even a first-time offense, including possible lose a drivers' license. We are zealous defenders of our clients' rights who will fight to get you out of a bad situation.

Utah Expungement And 402 Reductions

People with a criminal record can face a more difficult time in the job and housing markets. We help expunge our clients' criminal records so they can move forward in life free of the burden of a criminal record. Our attorneys can review your criminal conviction and see if an expungement is the right choice.

Utah law allows a person to reduce their criminal history under Utah Code Section 76-3-402 (402 Reduction). A 402 reduction lets a person with a criminal history petition the court to reduce their criminal history by one or two degrees (reducing a second-degree felony to a third-degree felony or a Class A misdemeanor) in some circumstances. While there are restrictions, we can help you determine if a 402 reduction is possible.

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