How to Obtain a Limited License After a Utah DUI

Having your driver’s license revoked or suspended after a DUI arrest in Utah can create certain hardships in your life. Not having the privilege to drive can make it more difficult to go to work, drop your children off at school, make scheduled appointments, and run household errands. 

If you are unable to restore your license after losing your administrative hearing, you may still be eligible for a “limited license” or restricted license. A limited license allows DUI offenders to drive a vehicle to and from the workplace and/or other specific locations, such as court hearings, alcohol education classes, important appointments, etc. 

In general, only first offenders qualify for a limited license in Utah. This privilege is granted only once to any person during any single period of revocation or suspension. 

The following prior offenses result in disqualification: 

  • DUI/DWI conviction 

  • Felonies involving a vehicle 

  • Drug crimes involving a vehicle 

  • Two reckless driving charges within a 12-month period 

  • Hit-and-run involving an injury or death 

  • Violating the conditions of a plea bargain 

  • A juvenile crime involving the use of weapons or explosives in a vehicle 

Minors over 16 years old who are facing DUI charges are also eligible for limited driving privileges. Additionally, minor drivers can use driving for work purposes as an affirmative defense to a violation of driving during prohibited night hours. 

You must provide the following documents to apply for a limited license: 

  • Proof that you will experience hardship without your license (i.e., a letter from your employer or your work or class schedule) 

  • A letter from the Administrative Law Judge (ADJ) 

  • A physician’s written verification that you are not unable to drive because of impairment of alcohol and/or controlled substances 

You must also pay certain fees before a license can be issued, as well as meet other requirements from the Utah Department of Public Safety. 

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