Drug Trafficking

What’s The Difference Between Drug Distribution And Drug Trafficking

A drug charge in Utah is a serious matter that can have extensive consequences on your life. Understanding the charges against you and the potential penalties that you may face are essential. In addition to representing our clients for DUI charges, we offer dedicated representation for drug distribution and drug trafficking. While these charges initially may seem similar, there are important differences between them that you should be aware of as you build your defense.

Drug Distribution and Drug Trafficking Charges

Both of these serious charges are associated with the possession of controlled substances. Specifically, drug trafficking is related to the weight of the drugs that you were in possession of. Different types of drugs have certain weight limits, and the weight directly impacts the charges and penalties that you may be faced with.


Drug distribution, on the other hand, is related to transferring or moving the drugs in other ways. This could include selling the drugs, importing them, or moving them in other ways. Keep in mind that the presence of large amounts of money, packing materials, scales, and other items could indicate movement even if the drugs are not actually discovered by law enforcement when they are in motion.


Penalties for Drug Charges

Both state and federal drug charges may apply. The specific consequences that you may face are dependent on several factors. These include the type and the amount of drugs in question, the severity of the charges against you, prior convictions for related crimes, and if other people were harmed in any way because of your actions. Significant jail time and heavy fines are common with convictions for drug trafficking as well as drug distribution.


Legal Representation from Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Even when the charges against you seem insurmountable, an effective defense can be prepared and presented. At Lokken Putnam, our criminal defense attorneys will give your case the personalized attention that it deserves. We will build an effective defense strategy based on the specific factors related to the case. For charges ranging from a DUI to federal drug charges and more, contact us today for a legal consultation.