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What Are a Father’s Rights?

Unfortunately, courts have historically favored mothers over fathers in family law decisions concerning children. However, Lokken & Putnam is dedicated to fighting on behalf of mothers and fathers equally to secure fair representation for all parties. In this blog post, we review fathers’ rights regarding divorce and child custody issues.

The Right to Fight for Custody

Many fathers assume they will lose primary or sole custody of their children; however, the law must treat both parents equally. Therefore, fathers have the right to fight for primary or sole custody of their children should they want it, even if mothers are requesting sole custody as well. Over the past several years, Lokken & Putnam has seen a positive shift for fathers, and courts are beginning to clearly recognize the importance of a father’s involvement with his children. Courts are taking a closer look at the depth, quality, bonding, and nature of the relationship between fathers and their children. Utah courts are bound by law which specifically states there is not a preference for either parent solely because of the gender of the parent.

The Right to Receive Child Support

Child support is for the use and benefit of the child and shall follow the child. If a father is awarded any form of physical custody, he may be entitled to receive child support from the child’s mother. Therefore, fathers may have the right to receive child support from mothers given the circumstances of the case.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma that only women should receive child support, but that’s not true. Every mother and father is obligated to provide support for their children. There’s no shame in collecting the money you need to take care of your kid. If you’re a father who has joint or sole physical custody of your child, you can only get the child support that you legally deserve. You’re not taking advantage of anyone; you’re only getting what the law says your child should receive.

The Right to Representation

If fathers want to fight for their rights in family law courtrooms, the law protects their choice to do so. Additionally, the law gives fathers the right to hire experienced attorneys who can work on their cases. Lokken & Putnam knows how to represent men and women in all family law disputes. Therefore, if you have a family law need, our firm can help!

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