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What Month Should I File for Divorce?

Has the idea of divorce been going through your mind? You’re not alone. Interestingly enough, many individuals begin to contemplate divorce over the holiday season. However, most are unsure about if the end of the year is the right time to file or not. Is there a specific time that is best to start the divorce process? Our family law attorneys at Lokken & Putnam, P.C. speak about what should be considered when determining when to divorce.

Is There a Right Time to Get Divorced?

It’s important to start by saying that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to the divorce timeline. In some cases, it’s important to divorce as soon as possible. In other cases, spouses may want to wait for the optimal time.

If you are feeling the desire to divorce right now during the holidays, you may be hesitant to take the plunge, and that is understandable. Starting a divorce at this time of year can be complex and add a lot to your plate at an already busy and stressful time. Therefore, many couples choose to wait and start the divorce process in January. In fact, January has even been nicknamed the ‘divorce month.’

Getting Ready to Divorce in the New Year

If you decide to wait and file for divorce in January, there are still things you can do to prepare beforehand. First, find a divorce attorney. Having this person by your side early in the process can ensure you’re prepared and supported throughout your divorce. Even if you haven’t filed yet, you can and should still be working with an attorney.

Next, you can begin organizing your relevant records and paperwork. This includes:

  • Real estate information
  • Pay stubs
  • Investment account documents
  • Debts

This information will all be a part of your divorce when it comes time to divide assets.

Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City

If you are preparing to start your divorce in the New Year, our team at Lokken & Putnam, P.C. can help you get ready. We offer peace of mind knowing that our detail-oriented and passionate attorneys are working with and for you throughout your divorce. Learn more about how we can assist you during an initial case consultation. Click here to reach out about scheduling an appointment.