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What to Do if You’ve Been Wrongfully Arrested For Drug Possession

Drug and DUI charges often put your freedom at risk. The embarrassment can be almost just as devastating as the charges. If you happen to be wrongly arrested for drug possession, don’t wait to seek professional legal advice. No one deserves to be put behind bars for a crime they didn’t commit. Here’s a rundown of how to best handle the situation.

Stay As Calm As Possible

When being wrongly arrested for something, it’s perfectly normal to be a bit upset. However, try to remain as calm as possible. You don’t want the police to deem you as a threat. There’s nothing you can do at the scene to solve the problem. Furthermore, resisting an officer can lead to some serious legal penalties. Save any feelings of resentment for the courtroom.

If you are interrogated by law enforcement officials, always keep your Miranda rights in mind. Everyone has the right to remain silent. Don’t allow a police officer’s questions to pressure you into saying anything. You could unintentionally admit guilt, which will ultimately make the situation a lot more challenging.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

After you’ve been apprehended, contact an experienced attorney who specializes in DUI and drug cases. Nothing beats having a good legal advocate on your side. They will know exactly how to handle your case. When talking with your attorney, take the time to tell them everything that happened during your arrest. Don’t leave out any details.

Your attorney may need to contact witnesses. If foul play is suspected, they will investigate the arresting officer’s previous police record and behavior. Remember, the police need “probable cause” to search you for drugs. An illegal search will require any evidence to be dismissed. There’s a chance the police are guilty of false arrest, which means they acted beyond the scope of their powers.

Prepare for Trial

Your lawyer may be able to get your charges dropped before going to trial. Nevertheless, it’s always important to prepare for all the potential outcomes. Your lawyer will inform you of the penalties that could stem from a conviction.

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