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Top 3 Marital Issues that Lead to Divorce

Every marriage is different, but marriages share common problems and issues. Due to this phenomenon, Lokken & Putnam was able to construct the top three marital issues that can lead to divorce.

Top Marital Issues that Lead to Divorce

  1. Communication

Communication is an important part of any relationship, but it plays a pivotal role in the health and strength of a marriage. Intimately knowing a spouse and intimately being known by a spouse is supposed to make a marital relationship different from others, but this is only possible if the communication in the relationship is strong.

If communication is failing in a marital relationship, it can lead to the following emotions:

  • Frustration;
  • Loneliness;
  • Envy (of other relationships); and
  • Hopelessness.
  1. Infidelity

Trust is a key component in marriage, and a single act of infidelity can lead to irreparable mistrust. When a spouse believes another spouse will stay faithful, and that doesn’t happen, the breakdown of trust will impact more than the bedroom.

Infidelity can impact the following areas of marital trust:

  • Financial decision-making;
  • Child-rearing; and
  • Overall dependability.
  1. Finances

Finances are anxiety-inducing, and it gets worse when a spouse disapproves of your financial decision-making. When couples disagree on how to spend, save, or invest money, frustrations are bound to arise. When these frustrations repeatedly come up across years or decades of marriage, a divorce may be imminent.

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