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How Do I Start the Divorce Process in Utah?

Once you have made up your mind that it’s time for you and your spouse to divorce, there are some things that you should do. Our attorneys at Lokken & Putnam, P.C. explain how you can start the divorce process and some things to keep in mind along the way.

Ensure You Meet Residency Requirements

In order to file for divorce in the state of Utah, you must meet certain criteria. You or your spouse have to have lived in the county where you’ll be filing for at least three months before you officially file. In other words, if you moved counties in the last three months, you may not meet residency requirements. Additionally, if you have children, the residency requirement is different and requires a longer period of residency prior to filing. If you are confused about this, speak with an attorney. They can help clear up whether or not you meet the residency requirements for divorce.

Establish Grounds for the Divorce

Determine if you will be seeking a fault or no-fault divorce. Fault divorces mean the grounds for divorce are due to one party’s wrongdoing. No-fault divorce is the more common route, often citing irreconcilable differences leading to the dissolution of marriage.

For a full list of grounds for divorce recognized in Utah, click here.

File the Necessary Paperwork

Your divorce officially begins once the petition is filed. If you are working with an attorney, they can handle this on your behalf and ensure everything is done properly. Once the petition has been filed, you must serve your spouse with divorce papers. From there, the process will continue.

Hire a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney

It’s best to start the divorce process with a knowledgeable attorney on your side. If you are preparing to file for divorce, contact our team at Lokken & Putnam, P.C. today. We can help you begin the process, ensure everything is filed and completed as needed, and will support you throughout the journey to finalization.