What Can Happen If Family Law Court Orders Are Not Followed?

After a family dispute, whether it be divorce, child support related, visitation rights, etc., you or another party may be entitled to certain benefits and rights according to a court agreement. If one party involved in the court agreement doesn’t follow the agreement set in place, they will likely commit contempt of court. This is also called a breach of a court order agreement.

After a Breach of a Court Agreement

After one party breaches a set agreement, a number of things may happen. It may also be helpful to note that the ramifications of a breach can depend on the court the original court order was made in and what the order is about.

Other things that may happen if an individual doesn’t follow court orders can include the following:

  • Local police and law enforcement may step in and enforce the order if requested too.

  • A Child Abduction and Recovery Unit in your area may start a case to try to recover your child depending on the severity of an issue relating to custody.

  • A case for the action “contempt” with the court may be filed. This may also have severe consequences once filed.

Next Steps?

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