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Hiring the Right Attorney to Defend Your Domestic Violence Charges

Being charged with something as serious as domestic violence needs the utmost attention to detail. The ramifications of such charges can have significant fines, penalties, and other potential life-altering consequences. When it comes to your domestic violence case, here is what to look for when hiring the right criminal defense attorney.

What to Expect from a Defense Attorney

In these difficult situations, your head may be spinning for any number of reasons. As with many domestic violence cases, you may be facing several serious repercussions such as a restraining order, separation from your children, false accusations from a spouse, as well as other protective orders and fines. A lawyer who is skilled and experienced in lifting or handling these ramifications is crucial to address these issues.

A defense attorney may be able to:

  • Start lifting protective orders

  • Collect evidence to combat false accusations

  • Find a witness to testify on your behalf

  • Make a tactical court strategy specific to your case

  • Create the right plan for a potential plea

These are some significant steps to take the necessary initial precautions for your domestic violence case. Now that you know the steps a defense attorney will take to get started, let’s take a look into the resources of finding the ideal lawyer for your case.

Finding The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer For You

There are many things to consider when hiring a criminal defense attorney for your case. We understand this may be a complicated process and needs to be handled with caution. Some initial vetting procedures to consider are:

  • Case results and experience with past cases similar to yours

  • Endorsements from clients in the past

  • Their record under the State Bar

  • Website information and other articles on the internet

Whenever you are dealing with any domestic violence or other related criminal charges, it is always best to select an incredibly qualified and experienced lawyer. The attorneys at Lokken & Putnam, P.C. are just that. They have dealt with numerous cases of domestic violence crime while receiving many successful verdicts. Please contact us at (801) 829-9783 to get help with your domestic violence case today.