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Social Media and Your Divorce: Do’s and Don'ts

Going through a divorce is never an easy task. Whether its the emotional impact, the financial struggles, or the challenges of child custody, it’s common for people to turn to social media to vent about the problems they are going through.

However, it’s important to remember that the things you post on social media while going through a divorce can negatively impact your future in many ways.

We want to explain a few tips to help ensure that the things you post online don’t harm your divorce.

DO: Think Before You Post

While there are things that you should avoid posting about while going through a divorce, you do not have to abstain from using social media completely.

Before posting, we urge you to:

  • Think about who will see your post
  • Avoid sharing too much information (especially negative feelings about your ex)

The things you say online can be used against you in court, so be sure to post responsibly.

DON’T: Brag or Talk Negatively About Your Ex-Spouse

While going through a divorce, your finances should be one of your top priorities. Boasting or bragging on social media can have a serious impact on how finances are divided. Additionally, it’s important to remember not to talk negatively about your ex-spouse, as it will make the relationship rockier, which will only cause additional troubles.

DON’T: Assume Setting Your Profile to Private Is Enough

Social media has many privacy settings that help limit who is able to see your posts. However, this doesn’t stop a judge from gaining permission to see your profile if it is brought up by your ex.

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