Capable Attorneys For Order Enforcement

The failure to follow a family law court order can grow into a complex legal problem for everyone involved. At Lokken & Associates, we represent people on both sides of court order enforcement cases and guide them through these emotional disputes. Our lawyers have over 25 years of combined legal experience and give clients assertive representation in the courtroom and in negotiations.

The failure to follow any order of the court can lead to an enforcement hearing, including:

The Enforcement Of Previous Orders Process

Our attorneys can assist you with the paperwork filings required to start the motions and manage any required responses. We will investigate the details of your court order and show how the other party failed to meet the expected terms. Our seasoned lawyers can guide you through the hearings and work to get you a favorable settlement or court order.

While our legal fees are competitive, we offer limited scope representation, which lets clients choose the legal services they want. In some circumstances, a court may make the opposing party pay your legal fees in an enforcement claim.

The Consequences Of Failing To Follow Court Orders

If a judge decides that a person did not meet the terms of their court order, then a judgment can include fines, back payments, payment of legal costs and even jail time.

For unpaid child support payments, the parent who fails to pay can face:

  • Garnished wages and removal of money from a bank account
  • Unpaid fees reported on credit reports
  • Suspension of a driver's license
  • Liens against homes, property and vehicles
  • Interception of federal and state tax refunds and lottery winnings

We represent clients accused of not meeting the terms of their court order and work to get them the best possible outcome. If you are not paying your child support or alimony payments, we can help you with a court order modification.

Get Help From The Beginning Of Your Order Enforcement

Our comprehensive law firm helps clients across the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and throughout Eastern Utah with their court order enforcement. We can guide your case from the beginning and answer your questions.

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