Attorneys Who Handle The Stress Of Child Support Disputes

Child support agreements can be contentious cases. At Lokken & Associates, P.C., we guide both custodial and noncustodial parents through the complex child support process and work to get them the best possible outcome for their case.

In Utah, a calculator generally determines the total child support payment. Our attorneys may be able to show why a child's unique circumstances require a modified payment. We represent both mothers and fathers in child support disputes across the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and Utah.

How Is Child Support Determined In Utah?

Noncustodial parents pay child support to the custodial parent to cover the cost of taking care of a child, including their medical and dental expenses. The Utah child support calculator takes into account both parents' income to determine the recommended child support payment.

Parents cannot waive child support payments. These payments follow the child. If there is a change in primary custody, the payments will go to that parent. In addition to child support payments, parents are also required to share work-related child-care expenses, as well as medical and dental expenses.

Our lawyers can help you determine your required payments before a hearing and guide you through the entire process. Agreements are much more difficult to change after creation, and working with an experienced attorney can help you get a fair child support agreement.

Understanding Child Support Modifications

Modifications depend on the age of the original child support order and if there are significant changes in a child's or parent's life. After three years, either parent can request a simple review of the order to determine if there is a difference of 10 percent or more between the ordered support amount and the amount required under the guidelines. Before three years, a parent must have a major reason to request a modification, which can include a 30 percent change in income or a major increase in medical care or education-related child expenses.

Assertive Child Support Enforcement

If a parent underpays or refuses to pay the proper amount of child support, we can help you with enforcement. Our lawyers will work with the proper government agencies and courts to compel a person to pay their full child support payments.

Many people believe that if a parent falls behind on child support payments, they do not receive parent time. This is not true. Parents should receive their parent time regardless of how behind they are in child support payments.

Experienced Child Support Lawyers

We can help parents follow the correct process and walk them through the entire process. We offer free consultations to answer our clients' questions. In your first meeting with an attorney, we will review your case and give you an idea of what you can expect.

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