Compassionate Paternity Advocates

Establishing paternity lets parents establish child custody, receive parent time and request child support payments. At Lokken & Associates, P.C., we help families throughout the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and across Utah establish paternity and guide them through the entire child custody process. Our attorneys work with mothers, fathers and other family members to establish paternity.

How Establishing Paternity Helps Families

Agency action, voluntary declaration or court determination are the only ways to establish paternity.

Establishing paternity allows fathers:

  • To provide child support
  • To establish custody or parent time
  • To have a legal say in decisions regarding the child's life
  • To give their children medical and life insurance
  • To give their children the benefits of Social Security payments, veteran's benefits and military allowances and inheritance

Some unmarried parents may forgo establishing the paternity of a child at birth. Failing to establish parentage can lead to problems in the future. No matter your current situation, establishing paternity gives you the ability to protect your child's rights.

Experienced Paternity Lawyers

At Lokken & Associates, P.C., we help mothers and fathers establish parentage and enforce their parental rights. If you are a mother who believes an absentee father owes child support payments, we can investigate your case and work with the proper government agencies. We can guide your child support case through the legal system and work to get your child fair payment.

We also help fathers who want to play a role in their child's life by helping them establish paternity and parent time. We are comprehensive family law attorneys who understand the unique challenges that fathers face when attempting to care for their children.

Review Your Paternity Case In A Free Consultation

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