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Parent time, often called visitation, is the time that a "noncustodial" parent is legally entitled to spend with their child. Parent time is part of a child custody agreement that parents make after a divorce or legal separation.

At Lokken & Associates, P.C., we represent clients facing parent time disputes and work to get both them and their children the best possible outcome. Our Salt Lake City attorneys have over 25 years of combined legal experience and a long record of case results. We have an extensive knowledge of Utah family law and can manage every aspect of your divorce or legal separation.

Determining Parent Time

The courts create parent time agreements by using a variety of factors that are in essence what is in the child's best interest and how the parent will help facilitate the agreement. Based on these factors and the other elements that the court deems important, the parent time agreement will decide the minimum time that noncustodial parents will spend with a child and what weekdays they will spend at which house. For an unmarried father to qualify for parent time, he must establish the legal parentage of the child.

The factors taken into account in a parent-time agreement include the noncustodial parents:

  • Involvement in their child's life
  • Ability to communicate with the other parent
  • Ability to manage the parent-time

These agreements also cover who will have a child on snow days, holidays, birthdays and summer vacations and in what years. The agreements also determine virtual parent time, such as video calls or through social media, and telephone contact. These agreements also affect a child's ability to see extended family members, such as stepparents, grandparents and other relatives.

If either parent refuses to honor the parent time ensured in a child custody agreement, a parent may ask for a modification or help with enforcement. Modifications allow the court to review the changes in circumstances and determine what is in the child's best interests.

Experienced Parent Time Enforcement Lawyers

Parent-time arrangements depend on the unique needs of the child and the parents' individual circumstances. Our knowledgeable lawyers can review your case details and guide you through the child custody process.

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