Domestic Violence

The attorneys at Lokken & Associates, P.C., take domestic violence seriously. We know the impact a charge will have on your life and your reputation. We will work hard to protect your rights. We will explore your options to see if your charges can be dismissed, or if the penalties can be reduced based on specific factors.

Domestic violence is an enhancement that can be added to any criminal charge. The most common charges are domestic violence assault and domestic violence criminal mischief. You can be charged with domestic violence criminal mischief if during the course of an incident you damage or destroy the property of another, or your own property that you share with another. You can be charged with domestic violence in the presence of a child if the incident occurs that any child might see or hear, whether or not they actually see or hear the incident.

We have experience handling domestic violence issues on behalf of our clients in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. Let us protect your rights and your future ability to own a firearm.

Our experience handling protective orders for our family law clients gives us unique insight into how orders are processed and what options are available to find the best outcome in your case.

Harsh Penalties For A Conviction

The punishment for a conviction varies from serving no time in jail to serving up to six months for a simple domestic violence conviction. The penalties increase as the charges become more serious or when an individual is facing multiple charges after a domestic incident.

Own A Firearm?

You cannot own or possess a firearm if you have a domestic violence conviction. However, options may be available to preserve and protect your Second Amendment rights under state and federal law. We will explore and discuss all options to protect your rights as a gun owner.

Aggressive Representation Is Needed

We will provide aggressive representation. The stakes are high in these cases. We represent both sides in these cases, including victims seeking a protective order. We will diligently prepare for your case to make sure all options are considered.

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